Apr 20
AONE, Japan – In the historic wooden schoolhouse here, decked out in the kind of bright artwork done by kids the world over, there are two classrooms, each containing three desks that sit marooned in the middle of a space made for many more. At break time, a boy kicks a soccer ball around the yard by himself. (
Apr 18
Japan’s government says the country’s population continues to decrease and become grayer. (NHK)
Apr 16
A record high number of children were abused after contact via social media last year, with the vast majority becoming victims of underage sex or child pornography. (Japan Times)
Apr 16
Many women of various ages are visiting shops and studios in Kyoto that offer lessons on how to dress and behave like maiko, the young entertainers of Kyoto’s hanamachi entertainment districts known for their beautiful clothing, glamorous white makeup and graceful behavior. (
Apr 16
An analysis of the G8 nations has highlighted striking differences in calories and other macronutrients purchased from packaged food in these countries with Mediterranean and Japanese diets being the healthiest, according to Euromonitor. (
Apr 14
US Ambassador to Japan Caroline Kennedy visited a Tokyo elementary school on Tuesday, and read poems with children during an English lesson. (NHK)
Apr 11
South Korean police said Friday that 22 Japanese high school students belonging to a soccer club have been charged with shoplifting some 70 items worth 2.52 million won, at a shopping mall in Seoul. (Jiji Press)
Apr 10
Any guy who’s watched a harem anime before – one where a single male is surrounded by many women – has probably giggled to himself about what it would be like to be in a similar situation himself. (
Apr 10
For weeks, my spies in Siam were telling me that nobody at “The King and I” could understand a word Ken Watanabe was saying. And when I say nobody, I mean nobody – from the actors to the audience to the ushers. (
Apr 09
A former head of a municipal junior high school in Yokohama was arrested on Wednesday for taking photos of his sexual acts with a teenage girl in Manila in or around early January 2014. (The Japan News)