Aug 22
The National Police Agency reported Thursday that police gave correctional guidance nationwide to a total of 220 minors younger than 18 who tried to provide sex for money or sell their used underwear online from January to June this year. (The Japan News)
Aug 22
Japanese retail giant Aeon plans to open day care facilities inside its nationwide network of shopping centers and general merchandise supermarkets for its employees and other parents. (Nikkei)
Aug 21
On 19 July the Noda City department of the Chiba Prefectural Police announced the arrest of 49-year-old elementary school teacher Masaki Yabusaki on charges of intimidation. (
Aug 20
A survey shows high school students in Japan are less interested in nature and science than their counterparts in the United States, China and South Korea. (NHK)
Aug 17
Municipal governments and parent-teacher associations in Japan are leading efforts to create new rules for use of smartphones among children in order to offset increasing problems. (Jiji Press)
Aug 16
There were a record 1,258,263 Japanese living abroad as of Oct. 1, according to the Foreign Ministry’s Annual Report of Statistics on Japanese Nationals Overseas, released Friday. (Japan Times)
Aug 14
The municipal board of education in Kasuga, Fukuoka Prefecture, where the principal of a public elementary school was arrested in May over stimulants, has designed a poster showing the portraits of the city’s 758 teachers and their pledge to fight drugs. (Japan Times)
Aug 14
A team of archaeologists has determined that an ancient tomb likely built during the later 6th century in Nara Prefecture, western Japan, had a rare pyramid-like structure. (NHK)
Aug 13
Amid China’s repeated intrusions into Japanese waters around the Senkaku Islands, Okinawa Prefecture, the government has decided to strengthen “maritime education” in school curriculum. (The Japan News)
Aug 13
Researchers at Kyoto University covertly recorded videos of passers-by and shoppers at a commercial complex here for nearly four years before the education ministry issued a warning not to do so earlier this month. (Asahi)