Jan 24
A female middle school student was punched in the head from behind while walking home alone in Yokosuka City, police said on Monday. (

Jan 23
The principal of a middle school apologized on Sunday for failing to take action over the bullying of a female student over the Fukushima nuclear disaster for almost six months until her parents raised the issue. (

Jan 22
The Japanese government will set the legal age for marriage at 18 for both men and women, informed sources said Saturday. (Jiji)

Jan 19
Osaka police have referred the mother of a teenage pop performer to prosecutors on suspicion of allowing her daughter to skip school. (NHK)

Jan 17
A smoking ban inside restaurants is one of the main pillars aimed at preventing damage from passive smoking in a draft revision to the Health Promotion Law, according to sources. (

Jan 16
Students and graduates of high schools across Japan have completed the unified college entrance examinations. (NHK)

Jan 14
The National Center for University Entrance Examinations on Saturday begin two days of tests across the nation. The center said that 575,966 students-12,198 more than last year-are sitting for the exams at 691 test centers nationwide. (Japan Today)

Jan 12
China will bring forward the start date of the country’s war with Japan by six years in education textbooks, a move that is expected to “strengthen patriotic education,” state media reported. (Japan Times)

Jan 12
Another wave of Brazilians of Japanese descent is moving to Japan in search of jobs. (Jiji)

Jan 10
A middle school teacher in the town of Soeda caused three male students to pass out by grabbing them by their shirts as punishment for harassing a female student, TV Asahi reported on Monday. (