Feb 15
The education ministry released a draft Wednesday of revised curriculum guidelines for high schools, including the introduction of comprehensive history and public affairs as new compulsory subjects. (Japan Times)

Feb 14
Girls in the fifth year of elementary school and the second year of junior high school in Japan posted record highs in overall physical performance in fiscal 2017, a government survey showed Tuesday. (Jiji)

Feb 13
While the average height of Japanese adults had grown some 15 cm (nearly 6 inches) over the past century with improved nutrition and public health conditions, it has started to decline for those born in 1980 or later, recent research has shown. (Japan Times)

Feb 10
Teachers at a public high school in Toyama Prefecture have cut the hair of 44 students since April last year to make it short enough to meet school rules, the school and local education board said Friday. (Japan Today)

Feb 09
A public elementary school in the posh Ginza district in Tokyo has decided to adopt new uniforms designed by Italian high-end brand Armani, triggering protests from parents who say they are expensive, local education board said Thursday. (Japan Today)

Feb 06
The Japanese government on Tuesday adopted a bill to keep university enrollment capacities in the densely populated 23 wards in central Tokyo from increasing over 10 years. (Jiji)

Feb 05
Sociology is a science that studies relationships, processes, and events that take place in society. It studies not only the social interactions that take place at this particular moment, but also those that took place to be tens, hundreds and thousands of years ago. In addition, sociology also has the function of forecasting. It means that a person can foresee the next changes in public life with its help. (

Feb 03
Sota Fujii, the youngest professional shogi player, won a key match on Thursday and was promoted to fifth dan from fourth dan, becoming the first to hold the higher rank while being a junior high school student. (Jiji)

Feb 03
More and more private junior high schools in the Tokyo metropolitan area and the Kansai western Japan region are introducing English in their general entrance examinations. (Jiji)

Jan 25
Police in Kurume City, Fukuoka Prefecture, have arrested three teenagers on charges of inflicting injuries on a 16-year-old girl after they forced her to jump off a bridge. (Japan Today)