Jul 24
The body of a second-year high school girl was discovered in the sea off Hachinohe, Aomori Prefecture, on July 8, in what police believe may have been a suicide caused by bullying. (Japan Today)
Jul 24
Amid a series of research misconduct cases involving universities and research institutions in the nation, such as the recent controversy over articles on stimulus-triggered acquisition of pluripotency (STAP) cells, there is increasing criticism over insufficient investigations into suspected research misconduct. (The Japan News)
Jul 23
On 16 July Sapporo Attorney Ayako Ito made a visit to Sapporo Kotoni Technical High School to assist the social studies teacher Shiego Kawahara in an important lesson regarding the right of collective self-defense. It’s a thorny issue that can be difficult enough to explain to adults let alone teenagers. (
Jul 22
Police and health officials in Ueda, Nagano Prefecture, said Monday that around 300 students suffered food poisoning at a soccer and rugby tournament. Of those, 120 were taken to hospital but none suffered any lasting effects, police said. (Japan Today)
Jul 22
The Internal Affairs and Communications Ministry will develop a system to show Japanese TV programs with subtitles in foreign languages, including English and Chinese, to provide a more comfortable viewing experience for foreign visitors, according to sources. (The Japan News)
Jul 21
A total of 102,810 students did not graduate from colleges and universities nationwide this spring, with many choosing to repeat a year because they had decided to decline job offers they were reluctant to take, according to a Yomiuri Shimbun survey. (The Japan News)
Jul 19
Major foreign language school operator ECC Corp. has bought personal data on high school students that may have leaked from education service provider Benesse Corp. at the center of a high-profile information leak scandal, it was learned Friday. (Jiji Press)
Jul 18
An investigation panel at Japan’s Waseda University said in a report Thursday that the controversial doctoral thesis of researcher Haruko Obokata, who is at the center of a scandal over STAP cells, does not require the university to cancel her doctorate. (Jiji Press)
Jul 17
Many Japanese purchasers of e-books are facing a situation inconceivable to owners of conventional texts: They are no longer able to read the books they purchased. (
Jul 16
Japan came under pressure at a U.N. meeting Tuesday to introduce legislation to tighten control over hate speeches that would promote discrimination by race or nationality. (Jiji Press)