Jul 31
Tokyo sightseeing bus operator Hato Bus Co. said Wednesday it will offer more of its popular bus and boat tours to famous “haunted” places with a professional storyteller. (Japan Times)
Jul 29
People prayed for good health as they walked through a giant wreath at a temple in the ancient capital of Nara. (NHK)
Jul 28
Japanese officials plan to call on local banks and convenience store chains to install automated teller machines that accept bank and credit cards issued abroad. (NHK)
Jul 27
An express train service from Narita International Airport to Kawaguchiko Station in Yamanashi Prefecture near Mount Fuji began on Saturday. (Japan Today)
Jul 27
A tank re-creating the conditions in the sea near the Kerama Islands in Okinawa Prefecture is now on display in front of the Sony Building in Tokyo’s Ginza district. (The Japan News)
Jul 27
Four hundred rail fans had an opportunity to take a look at the inside of a rare, almost mythical, version of the bullet train nicknamed “Doctor Yellow” for the first time ever Saturday. (Japan Times)
Jul 24
Colorfully decorated floats have paraded through the streets of Japan’s ancient capital Kyoto in the climax of the monthlong Gion Festival. (NHK)
Jul 24
The end of the rainy season is typically marked by the staging of summer festivals around the nation. Though such festivities were once suspended in areas hit by the 2011 Great East Japan Earthquake, local people are again putting on their festivals, with some festivities similar to pre-disaster days. (The Japan News)
Jul 23
The estimated number of foreign visitors to Japan in the first half of 2014 hit a record high of 6.26 million thanks to the yen’s weakness and increased international flights at Tokyo’s Haneda airport, a government body said Wednesday. (Nikkei)
Jul 22
Excitement is building as the month-long Gion Festival, one of the nation’s most celebrated festivals, prepares over the next few days to revive a tradition for the first time in 49 years. (Asahi)