Apr 22
The government plans to set up public wireless local area networks at 30,000 locations nationwide, including tourist spots and evacuation facilities, by 2020, the year of the Tokyo Olympics and Paralympics. (The Japan News)
Apr 22
The observatory at Sunshine 60 in Toshima Ward, Tokyo, will be closed for about one year from May 7 for renovation work, the first suspension of operations since the building opened in 1978. (The Japan News)
Apr 19
A British couple who tied the knot at a Kyoto shrine have become the first to receive a memorial marriage certificate from the city, under a newly created program to attract more foreign visitors. (Asahi)
Apr 18
As you might have heard, that little indie film Star Wars is getting a squeal or something like that. And, like Pokemon and Hello Kitty before it, the franchise is getting its own themed plane with the R2-D2 jet, set to start flying international routes this fall. (
Apr 17
Hiroshima Airport in western Japan will provisionally reopen on Friday morning after an Asiana Airlines passenger jet overran the runway on Tuesday to prompt its closure, the transport ministry said Thursday. (Jiji Press)
Apr 16
Ice breaking with a sightseeing boat has started on Lake Akan in Hokkaido, Japan’s northernmost prefecture. It’s an early-spring ritual that’s held before popular cruise tours start later this month. (NHK)
Apr 16
Snow plows finished carving a route through the famed “Yuki no Otani” (great gorge of snow) here for the April 16 start of the sightseeing season. (Asahi)
Apr 16
Tattooed guests have been given the thumbs up to take a dip in the public baths at a chain of luxury resorts–so long as they cover their inked skin with a sticker. (Asahi)
Apr 16
The Miharu Takizakura, a weeping cherry blossom tree designated as a national natural monument, is now in full bloom at Miharu, Fukushima Prefecture. (The Japan News)
Apr 15
Renowned toilet manufacturer Toto Ltd. will open a special restroom at Narita Airport to promote its Washlet technology to foreign travelers. (Asahi)