Jan 29
Unseasonably high temperatures in Hokkaido this week are affecting preparations for the famous Sapporo Snow Festival, which will be held from Feb 5-8. (Japan Today)
Jan 28
Obviously, if you love sushi, Tokyo is probably your number one foodie vacation destination, but Tokyo is a big place! There are plenty of excellent sushi restaurants-and plenty of great ones at that. But for seriously fresh sushi, there might be no better place than right off the boat. (
Jan 27
With a growing number of Japanese subculture shops cropping up in the area, Tokyo’s Ikebukuro district has emerged as something of a “holy land” for female “otaku” geeks, collectively known as “otome” (maiden). (Asahi)
Jan 26
Across Japan, numerous temples and shrines are undergoing preparations for the start of spring, with the flowering of the plum trees in February being a major date in the nation’s calendar. (
Jan 24
The city of Nikko in Tochigi Prefecture, home to the impressive Toshogu Shrine and its famous evil-averse monkeys, is a popular choice for day trips from Tokyo, what with its World Heritage sites and easy train connections. (
Jan 23
As tourists visit Japan in increasing numbers, mobile phone operators are moving to tap the market by providing better Wi-Fi services. (Japan Times)
Jan 23
Universal Studios Japan is formally opening its new Attack on Titan attraction on Friday. “Attack on Titan The Real” is part of the Universal Cool Japan event (along with Evangelion, (
Jan 23
Foreign visitors have been visiting Niseko, an international ski resort area in Hokkaido, at a record-setting pace this fiscal year. (The Japan News)
Jan 21
On a recent weekday, the quaint Ichibangai Shotengai shopping street in Kawagoe, Saitama Prefecture, was crowded with foreign tourists savoring a popular local sweet. (Asahi)
Jan 21
After travelers from abroad surged nearly 30% last year, Japan is set to welcome more than 15 million in 2015. (Nikkei)