Jul 02
Narita Airport officials are advising passengers to strictly observe carry-on luggage limits to prevent departure delays. (NHK)
Jul 01
The weather agency raised its alert level for Mt. Hakone on Tuesday following an eruption earlier in the day at the volcano located in a hot spring resort area southwest of Tokyo. (Kyodo)
Jul 01
Tottori Prefecture’s population of just over half a million is shockingly small by densely-populated Japan’s standards, and it’s just generally ignored by the rest of Japan as a place that, well… doesn’t have much to see, to put it kindly. (
Jun 30
Wagering on its proximity to Tokyo’s gateway airport, the operators of the publicly run horse track in Shinagawa Ward are touting its nighttime racing to woo more foreign tourists through the gates. (Asahi)
Jun 29
Local authorities are urging climbers to bring helmets to protect themselves against a possible eruption of Mount Fuji after the season to ascend the nation’s highest peak opens on July 1. (Asahi)
Jun 26
Let’s board a night train with sleeper cars from Tokyo to the Sea of Japan! This video guide will walk you through the JR Sunrise Izumo Express from Tokyo Station to Izumo. (WAORYU ONLYinJAPAN)
Jun 22
About 40 geiko and maiko dance in front of the Ofune-hoko float on a special stage set up in Roppongi Hills in Tokyo’s Minato Ward on Sunday, as part of Kyoto’s tourism campaign. (The Japan News)
Jun 22
More and more capsule hotels are providing areas specially designed for female guests and a comprehensive range of amenities for them, breaking away from their traditional focus on men. (The Japan News)
Jun 20
This ancient capital’s famous Todaiji temple might grab all the headlines, but a garden just to the west is rapidly flowering in popularity. (Asahi)
Jun 19
There’s help at last for those lost-looking foreigners wandering around Tokyo’s most popular tourism destinations. (Japan Times)