Jan 23
The Japanese government wants city governments and cruise ship operators to join hands in building large harbors exclusively for cruise ships, eyeing an economic boost through increased tourism. (Nikkei)

Jan 23
The government has decided to launch an online service to allow foreign nationals to apply and update their residency status in Japan from fiscal 2018, one of a series of measures aimed at improving business efficiency to attract more foreign investment. (Japan Times)

Jan 23
Foreign tourists should be able to access almost half of Japan’s ATMs for cash using overseas-issued debit or credit cards by the end of 2018, though the country still will lag most Western nations in offering this convenience. (Nikkei)

Jan 22
The Japan Tourism Agency plans to keep malicious tour operators from the business for five years to prevent foreign tourists in the country from being involved in trouble caused by them, informed sources said Saturday. (Jiji)

Jan 20
Over 9.4 million foreign tourists visited Osaka last year, the largest number ever, Osaka tourism authorities announced earlier this week. (Japan Times)

Jan 18
A drop in per-person spending by foreign tourists in 2016 has highlighted challenges Japan needs to overcome to meet its goal of achieving 8-trillion-yen spending by them, pundits pointed out Tuesday. (Jiji)

Jan 16
Snow continues to fall in many parts of Japan, causing fatal accidents and disrupting traffic. (NHK)

Jan 16
After 17 years in the Japan travel business, you might have thought we’d seen everything there is to see. And it’s true – we have explored every inch of Japan, toured every prefecture, eaten in thousands of restaurants and slept at countless hotels. Yet in a country as fast-paced as Japan, there’s always something new and exciting happening to make us see our favourite destinations in a different light. So in 2017, where will we be heading? (

Jan 12
Kanto Bus Co. and transport company Ryobi Holdings said Wednesday they will introduce a luxury overnight bus, the Dream Sleeper, to link Tokyo and Osaka on Jan. 18, offering secluded compartments for each passenger. (Japan Times)

Jan 11
Japan’s public and private sectors are stepping up efforts to accommodate an annual 40 million visitors from abroad — a target figure the government set for 2020. (Nikkei)