Aug 26
The Fair Trade Commission on Thursday reprimanded major convenience store operator FamilyMart Co. for unfairly reducing payments to subcontractors making its private brand products. (Japan Times)
Aug 26
Electronic cigarettes, which do not require a flame but heat tobacco leaves to create a vapor that is inhaled, are so popular in Japan these days that demand cannot keep up with supply. (
Aug 26
Honda Motor says it will revamp its luxury sports car NSX for release in Japan next year. (NHK)
Aug 25
Japan has proposed measures to manage mackerel stocks, including a cut in the number of mackerel fishing boats, at the ongoing meeting of the North Pacific Fisheries Commission in Tokyo. (Jiji Press)
Aug 24
Nobuyuki Suzuki, the 60-year-old executive vice president of low-cost carrier Solaseed Air, has died after he jumped from his apartment building in Miyazaki City, reports the Yomiuri Shimbun (Aug. 24). (Tokyo Reporter)

Aug 24
A British media firm has started live streaming of international sports events for smartphone users in Japan. (NHK)
Aug 23
Nearly two decades after Sony introduced corporate officers to Japan in 1997, a growing number of companies are opting out of what had become a well-established system as closer attention to governance exposes its flaws. (Nikkei)
Aug 22
The first columbarium in the Chubu region to use an automated cinerary box conveyor system opened last month in Nagoya as the popularity of tombs that do not require much maintenance grows. (Japan Times)
Aug 21
The number of gas stations in Japan has fallen to around half of the total 21 years ago. (NHK)
Aug 18
Japanese financial firms risk falling behind on the world stage as efforts to adopt blockchain technology that promises to save billions of dollars in backroom processing and revolutionize the finance industry are hamstrung by a dearth of specialists. (Reuters)