Apr 24
The 14-year-old shogi player who became the youngest-ever professional in Japan has defeated one of the game’s top masters. (NHK)

Apr 20
The Japan Rugby Football Union on Wednesday targeted at least a berth in the last eight of the 2019 Rugby World Cup in Japan and medals in both men’s and women’s sevens at the 2020 Tokyo Games. (Japan Times)

Apr 18
Just over a year ago, the Japanese press was agog with stories of their “national treasure,” Seibu Lions pitcher Daisuke Matsuzaka, going overseas to play baseball in the U.S. While bemoaning the loss of a homegrown star, there was also a hint of pride in Matsuzaka’s ability to compete in the MLB. (Japan Today)

Apr 16
Japan’s Taro Kurachi and Takumi Miyake have won the top places in the men’s senior and junior age divisions, respectively, in the Youth America Grand Prix ballet competition in New York. (Jiji)

Apr 11
Japanese figure skating star Mao Asada is retiring from competition. (NHK)

Apr 05
The shoji player who became the youngest-ever professional in Japan last year has now set a new record, clinching his 11th straight victory since his debut match. (NHK)

Mar 29
A stable master of Japan’s sumo says Yokozuna, or grand champion, Kisenosato has been diagnosed with an injury that requires one month to heal. (NHK)

Mar 29
Leicester City striker Shinji Okazaki celebrated his 50th international goal Tuesday as Japan brushed aside Thailand 4-0 to edge closer to a sixth successive World Cup. (Japan Today)

Mar 26
In sumo, newly-promoted Yokozuna or grand champion Kisenosato came from behind to win his 2nd Emperor’s Cup in a row. (NHK)

Mar 21
A golf club designated as the venue for the 2020 Tokyo Olympics has decided to allow women to become full members. Kasumigaseki Country Club has been a male-only golf course since its opening in 1929. (NHK)