Decomposed bodies found on boat in Akita
NHK -- Nov 27
A wooden boat containing 8 human bodies has been found washed ashore in Akita Prefecture, northern Japan.

Japan Coast Guard officials say they found the partly decomposed remains while performing an onboard investigation on Monday. The boat was discovered the day before on a beach in Oga City.

There are no survivors. The age and sex of the bodies have not been identified.

The officials say the boat measures about 7 meters and an eight-digit number has been painted on the vessel.

The boat appears to have lost its mobility as the rotor blade and the directional device are missing.

There is no fishing equipment inside the boat.

There have been no reports of a Japanese wooden boat gone missing. Coast Guard officials say it's highly likely a foreign boat that drifted ashore.

Recently, vessels believed to be from the Korean Peninsula have been found along the coast of the Sea of Japan.

Last week, a boat carrying 8 men, believed to be from North Korea, was washed ashore in Yurihonjo City, also in Akita Prefecture.

26日、秋田県男鹿市の海岸に漂着した木造船から8人の遺体が見つかりました。一部は白骨化しているということです。 男鹿市の宮沢海岸に木造船が漂着していると付近に住む人から警察に通報がありましたが、波が高いなどの理由から船内の確認はできていませんでした。
News sources: NHK, ANNnewsCH
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