7 best places in Japan for a romantic getaway
newsonjapan.com -- Dec 11
Japan may have assimilated so many western cultural influences, yet it still remains exotic and enigmatic.

So you met someone exciting and interesting on your favorite online dating site, and now you want to impress your new partner with a romantic getaway? Here are seven recommended places for you to visit.


Hakone offers so much to do for romantic couples: museums, hot springs, and many other recreational activities. Take the opportunity to enjoy a fabulous cruise across a tranquil lake, or enjoy a cable car trip over the mountainous landscape, seated in a comfortable gondola while relishing the jaw-dropping views.

Mount Fuji and the five lakes

No visit to Japan would be complete without a trip to Mount Fuji, its most iconic landmark. The area around its base is known as five lakes, an area of outstanding tranquillity. In contrast to the contemplative beauty of the scenery, you and your partner must take a visit to Fujiyoshida City, at the heart of this region, where you'll discover an amusement park and hot springs.


Depending on the time of year you visit, Furano is a place of wonderful contrasts. During the summer it presents a feast for the senses, with rolling foothills carpeted with a dazzling display of flower blooms and scented lavender fields. The eye-catching flora, seeming to stretch towards the horizon, is perfect for romantic strolls as you soak the multitude of colorful petals and the array of alluring scents. There are hiking trails nearby, climbing high into the slopes. During winter months, these heights are popular with snowboarders.


With an overall population of almost 14,000,000, Japan's capital is a teaming conurbation we've all seen on film, but to experience this splendid city up-front is a must-do activity for your romantic Japanese break. You'll be completely spoilt for choice for activities, and could spend your whole trip to Japan immersed in this one location. There are fabulous restaurants, street festivals, parks awash with pink cherry trees and gorgeous light displays in the winter months. Head up to Tokyo Tower for fantastic nighttime views over the metropolis.


After a day immersed in the frenetic capital, you and your partner could retreat to Yakushima for a welcome dose of serenity. This island contains beautiful primeval rainforests which provide a captivating backdrop. Listen for monkeys chattering amongst the trees, and keep an eye out for reclusive deer in the woods. Traditional inns serve delicious local cuisine, and you relax in hot springs while taking in the outstanding views of the Pacific.


Formally the capital of Imperial Japan, Kyoto boasts over 1,000 years of history and spectacular architecture. It is another location where your breath will be taken away by the serene beauty of the flower-bedecked gardens and quiet Zen parks. Originally treated as a retreat where fierce samurai warriors could relax and contemplate the quieter things in life, Kyoto is awash with temples, castles and shrines. There are also many locations where you can enjoy sumptuous Japanese cuisine.


Extending into the Pacific Ocean from the 1,000 km-long Ryukyu Islands chain, Okinawa is another fantastic romantic location you must visit. It is a tropical paradise with splendid beaches where are you can relax and soak up the Pacific ambience. There are also many interesting scenic locations, such as Nakijin Castle and Ocean Expo Park. Keep an eye out for any of the lion dog statues adorning local roofs - known as shisa - believed to protect homes from danger.

News source: newsonjapan.com
Jun 18
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