College and university entrance exams underway
NHK -- Jan 20
More than half a million high-school students and graduates across Japan are putting their knowledge to the test at unified college and university entrance exams.

The number of applicants sitting for this year's exams, taking place on Saturday and Sunday, is down slightly by 5,841, to 576,830.

A record 852 public and private universities and colleges will rely on the scores for their admissions processes.

On Saturday, applicants are taking tests in geography, history, social studies, Japanese and foreign languages, and English listening ability.

The exams will be replaced in 2021 by a new system that will include English tests set by private companies, and introduce essay-style questions.

大学入試センター試験が始まりました。57万人以上の受験生が試験に臨みます。 受験生:「とりあえずミスをしないようにできる限りのことができれば良いなと」「自分の100%の力じゃなくて、150%の力が出せたら良いかな」 センター試験は全国693の会場で19日と20日に行われます。
News sources: NHK, ANNnewsCH
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