Japan Sumo Association lays groundwork for Trump visit
Japan Times -- Apr 13
The Japan Sumo Association is preparing to host U.S. President Donald Trump at an upcoming tournament after learning he wants to watch a live sumo bout during his visit to Japan at the end of May, a source with the organization said Friday.

The sport’s organizing body has reserved seats for Trump on May 26, the final day of the Summer Grand Sumo Tournament in Tokyo, and has been considering its security measures since March, the source said.

The Japanese government has also started making arrangements so Prime Minister Shinzo Abe can join Trump at Ryogoku Kokugikan.

Trump and his aides have requested box seats located near the first three rows at Ryogoku Kokugikan during his visit, which is expected to take place from May 26-28.

The JSA plans to reserve several box seats that surround the president’s seat for security personnel, as well as those located near the path that the president will take to his seat.

The box seats are fenced in a small square with four cushions. The closest of those are within 7 meters of the ring, with several rows of ringside seats between the boxes and the action on the raised ring.

News source: Japan Times
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