Motegi: Japan, US remain apart on trade issues
NHK -- May 26
Japan's top trade negotiator with the United States has said both sides continue to differ on negotiations for a trade deal, adding that they need to work further to narrow the gap.

Minister in charge of TPP and Japan-US Trade Negotiations Toshimitsu Motegi met US Trade Representative Robert Lighthizer in Tokyo on Saturday.

After the meeting, Motegi told reporters that he doesn't expect the summit to produce a partial agreement on trade issues. Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe and US President Donald Trump are scheduled to confer on Monday.

But Motegi suggested the possibility of working-level meetings.

Motegi also said Lighthizer did not press for deeper tariff cuts on agricultural products than levels agreed upon in the Trans-Pacific Partnership deal.

He added that his US counterpart did not make any demands on Japan's automobile exports or foreign exchange operations.

日米首脳会談に先だって閣僚レベルで貿易協議が行われました。茂木経済再生担当大臣は「現段階で完全な一致ではない」と述べ、双方の意見の隔たりは埋まりませんでした。 茂木経済再生担当大臣:「現段階で完全な一致ということではありませんので。
News sources: NHK, ANNnewsCH
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