Man charged with fatal child abuse gets 13 years
NHK -- Oct 16
A Tokyo court has handed down a 13-year prison sentence for a father charged with abuse that led to the death of his 5-year-old stepdaughter.

The Tokyo District Court on Tuesday sentenced 34-year-old Yudai Funato, from Tokyo's Meguro Ward.

He had been charged with parental neglect resulting in death as well as injurious assault.

He and his ex-wife Yuri were accused of not giving enough food to their daughter, Yua, and of not providing sufficient medical care. The girl died in March of last year.

The prosecution demanded an 18-year prison term for the father, while his counsel was asking for 9 years.

In Tuesday's ruling, presiding judge Minoru Morishita said he profoundly sympathizes with the young girl, who suffered tremendous pain and despair as her stepfather severely restricted her diet and regularly inflicted bodily harm on her.

The judge said she was deprived of any medical treatment until she lost weight and died.

The judge said that the defendant committed acts of severe abuse, abetted by his wife, and alone inflicted violence. He condemned the defendant's crime as one of the most heinous of this kind in the country.

Last month, Yua's mother was sentenced to 8 years in prison. She is appealing the ruling.

東京・目黒区で船戸結愛ちゃん(当時5)を虐待した末、死なせた罪などに問われた当時の義理の父親に対し、東京地裁は懲役13年の判決を言い渡しました。  船戸雄大被告(34)は義理の娘だった結愛ちゃんの顔を殴るなどしてけがをさせ、衰弱した結愛ちゃんを放置して死なせた罪のほか、大麻を所持した罪でも起訴され、検察側が懲役18年を求刑していました。弁護側は、犯行は特別に悪質ではないとして懲役9年がふさわしいと主張していました。15日午後から始まった東京地裁の裁判員裁判の冒頭で、船戸雄大被告に対し懲役13年の判決が言い渡されました。
News sources: NHK, ANNnewsCH
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