Japan to deny entry of foreigners from Hubei
NHK -- Feb 01
Japan's Prime Minister Shinzo Abe says his country will deny entry to foreign nationals who have recently stayed in the Chinese province of Hubei, starting on Saturday. This is to help prevent the spread of the new strain of coronavirus.

Abe revealed the measure on Friday at a government task force meeting on the new coronavirus infection.

He said foreign nationals who have been confirmed to be infected with the virus will be denied entry into Japan.

He also said foreigners who have stayed in Hubei within 14 days before their arrival in Japan or those who hold passports issued by the Hubei provincial government will also in principle be refused entry for the time being, based on Japan's immigration control law.

It is the first time for the Japanese government to designate a specific region and ban the entry of people from there based on the law.

Abe said the measure applies even if the people are not showing symptoms of the infection, as some cases of infection have been detected even in those who do not show any symptoms.

Abe told Cabinet ministers to put the upmost priority on protecting the lives and health of the country's people without being bound by precedents.

中国・湖北省からの日本人以外の入国を原則、拒否する方針を表明しました。  安倍総理大臣は31日午後、新型肺炎に関する政府対策本部を開催しました。新型コロナウイルスへの感染にかかわらず、湖北省が発行したパスポートを持っている人の日本への立ち入りを拒否する方針を表明しました。また、この2週間以内に湖北省に滞在した外国人の入国も拒否するということです。今回の措置は来月1日午前0時から実施されます。
News sources: NHK, ANNnewsCH
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