Olympics: Tokyo 2020 organizers outline torch relay countermeasures
Kyodo -- Mar 05
The Tokyo Olympics organizing committee informed the International Olympic Committee on Wednesday of its plans to cope with conditions related to the current coronavirus outbreak during the torch relay starting from March 26.

Speaking with the IOC executive board via teleconference from Tokyo to discuss preparations for this summer's Olympics, Tokyo Olympics CEO Toshiro Muto said, "I want to carry out this (torch relay) by taking necessary measures after thorough discussion with local governments."

IOC President Thomas Bach reiterated his full confidence that the Tokyo Olympics will be held as scheduled, starting on July 24.

The Tokyo organizers said they will confer with prefectural authorities at least a week in advance of the relay's arrival in order to decide on specific procedures to be followed there depending on the situation of infections in each location.

News source: Kyodo
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