AI game recording introduced for shogi

NHK -- May 17

The body governing the Japanese board game of shogi has introduced a game recording system that uses artificial intelligence.

The system jointly developed by the Japan Shogi Association and precision equipment firm Ricoh was officially used for the first time in a game for a major women's shogi title on Saturday.

The debut comes after it was tested in more than 200 matches.

A camera on the ceiling takes images of every movement on the shogi board which is then analyzed by AI and recorded on a score sheet.

The system also keeps time and alerts players with an automated voice when their time is running out.

Association officials say the number of shogi matches has increased in recent years with more than 3,000 now held annually. Each match has been overseen by a scorer.

The officials have decided to use the AI-based recording system for more than 40 matches in the major women's title. They aim to introduce the system in other tournaments to cope with a shortage of scorers.

May 17 (ANNnewsCH) - AI(人工知能)が将棋の対局の手順を記録する初めての公式戦が始まりました。新型コロナウイルスの感染防止策としても期待されています。  システムは「リコー」と日本将棋連盟が共同で開発しました。天井に設置されたカメラで将棋盤を撮影し、AIが指し手を記録、自動的にデータベースに保存されます。通常では主にプロ棋士を目指す人が修行の一環として記録係を務めますが、対局数の増加で人手不足が深刻になっているほか、入力ミスも1割から2割の確率で起きていました。日本将棋連盟は「棋譜は重要な資産であり、今後、さらに導入を増やしていきたい」としています。