Japan teenage 'Go' player Nakamura says she needs more competitive environment

NHK -- Oct 31

Teenage Japanese "Go" player Nakamura Sumire says she has decided to shift her base of professional activity to South Korea as she finds it necessary for her to study the game in a more competitive environment.

The 14-year-old junior high school student told a news conference on Monday that she began considering moving to South Korea around June this year. She said she believes playing in South Korea would help her become more competitive as the country has many strong players of the traditional board game and puts an emphasis on international competitions.

Nakamura applied to South Korea's Go association to play in the country as a visiting player starting next year. Her application was approved on Thursday last week at the association's board of directors meeting.

Nakamura will start competing in South Korea in March and will not be able to take part in title games in Japan in principle. ...continue reading

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