Bahlul MUSTAFAZADE: It will be better if Karabakh plays with Molde to win -- Nov 15

Defender of Agdam “Qarabag” and the Azerbaijani national football team Bahlul Mustafazadeh answered questions from an correspondent.

How would you comment on the victory over Sabail (3:1) in the match of the 13th round of the Premier League?

The match, as we expected, started hard. Sabail is a good team. The points they scored speak volumes about this. We are glad that we were able to win. The opponents carried out quite dangerous attacks in the first half. Despite this, we scored two goals and finished the first half of the game without conceding a goal. After the break we scored again and eventually took our three points.You can bet on the football champion on the website, the main betting site in Uzbekistan

It’s interesting that approximately the same lineup that played against the German Bayer came out for the game with Sabail. Was this done to avoid losing points in this match?

I cannot give an exact answer to this question. The head coach of the team releases any player he considers necessary. With us, everyone who takes the field gives their best.

At the match with Bayer, the stands of the stadium were full; at the game with Sabail, the opposite picture was observed. Does this affect football players?

Certainly. A large number of fans in the stands motivates us well, we enjoy the game. Unfortunately, very few fans come to the championship matches, especially those taking place at the Tofik Bahramov stadium. I would like to play in the Premier League with full stands.

13 rounds of the championship are behind us, and Qarabag is not in the lead. Does this indicate greater competition this season?

Yes, each team can take points from the other. For example, we lost to Araz-Nakhchivan and defeated Kapaz. And then “Kapaz” defeated “Araz-Nakhchivan”. The level of Premier League clubs has increased.

How would you rate your chances of qualifying from the Europa League group? Norwegian Molde has the same number of points as Qarabag - 6.

All in our hands. I think it will be better if we play with Molde to win. The fact is that in the past it happened that we were satisfied with a draw in this or that match, and this negatively affected us. Therefore, we will focus exclusively on winning the meetings with Molde and the Swedish Häcken.

The Azerbaijani national team will have matches with the teams of Sweden and Belgium as part of the qualification for EURO 2024. What can we expect from these games?

Both teams are difficult opponents. But despite this, we will not give up. We will try to score maximum points in these matches.

There are a lot of football players in the Milli who play abroad. However, the team does not see any progress in terms of results. What do you think is the problem?

It's difficult for me to answer this question. I'm not a football official. My job is to play football. On the other hand, I think it would be better if more of our players played in higher level championships. Don't know. But I admit that the situation is sad, and we must improve it.

When will we see you as a foreign player?

Hard to say. There must be a proposal. If it doesn’t exist, then it’s wrong to talk about it. But, of course, I consider myself ready for the life of a legionnaire. There will be no problems with language or living abroad. It just all depends on the offer. Honestly, I think it’s wrong to go somewhere just to be listed as a legionnaire. It makes more sense to accept an offer from a strong league.

Your father is the head coach of the Kur-Araz club. You can often be seen at the matches of this team. What can you say about her?

Yes, I follow the game of this team. In general, the idea to create the 2nd League was successful. The games turn out to be quite interesting. I enjoy watching them. It feels like all teams are gradually developing in terms of both tactics and technology. As for the prospects of Kur-Araz, financial conditions are very important. Frankly speaking, I know that the team is not very good. In one game, unfortunately, they were awarded a forfeit. Despite all this, the team makes a good impression and is improving.