Azabudai Hills Complex with Japan's tallest building opens to media

TOKYO, Nov 20 (News On Japan) - The Azabudai Hills complex in Tokyo's Minato Ward, which includes Japan's tallest building, was unveiled to the media on Monday ahead of its opening on Nov 24.

Developed by real estate giant Mori Building with an investment of approximately 640 billion yen, Azabudai Hills features a 64-story main tower standing at about 330 meters, making it the tallest in the country. The complex will house offices, commercial facilities, a membership-based area, and residences.

Yuuki Naka from Mori Building's Town Management Division said, "We want to create a city centered around greenery, where people can connect, and new events and experiences take place."

Approximately 30% of the site is covered with trees and lawns, while a gallery and an art museum utilize digital technology.

The complex will open to the public in stages from Friday, Nov 24.