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Cats Accompany Master on a Stroll through the Town in "The Apothecary Diaries" Episode 17

TOKYO, Feb 03 (News On Japan) - The synopsis and preview cuts for Episode 17 of the TV anime "The Apothecary Diaries," which will air on February 3rd (on Nippon Television Network, every Saturday from 24:55), have been unveiled. Set in the imperial harem full of rumors and conspiracies, the series follows the story of Maomao, a former apothecary girl (voiced by Aoi Yūki), and the stunning nobleman Jinshi (voiced by Takao Otsuka), who takes a liking to her, as they unravel a superb mystery.

The original work is the "The Apothecary Diaries" series, written by Natsu Hyūga with illustrations by Touko Shino (published by Hero Bunko / Imagica Infos), which has exceeded a total of 27 million copies in the series. The second cour started on January 6th and has already become a hot topic.

In the previous Episode 16, Maomao was asked by Jinshi to investigate "the mysterious will left by the court-appointed goldsmith," which led her to visit their house... This was the storyline that unfolded.

Jinshi, whose beauty could potentially lead to the destruction of the nation, asks Maomao to change his appearance with makeup. By applying white powder to make him look sunburned, wrapping his body in cloth to create an unflattering figure, and dressing in commoner's clothes, Jinshi transforms into someone else entirely.

After completing the job, Maomao considers going back to her hometown for a rare break, but she is stopped by Suiren and Gaojun, who convince her to disguise herself as well, leading to her and Jinshi taking a walk through the town together.

Source: MDPR

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