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Japanese actor Arata Iura makes his American film debut and first starring role in "Tokyo Cowboy," a narrative that sees a Tokyo businessman finding his place in the vast landscapes of Montana, famously known as the "Big Sky Country."

Hikaru Utada is set to appear on the first regular broadcast of the new Nippon Television music program "with MUSIC" (every Saturday from 7:56 PM), which starts on April 13th. Shiina Ringo will also make a special appearance, marking the first time the two artists will perform together on television.

The 105th volume of the popular manga series "Detective Conan" is set to be released on April 10th, with a long-awaited confession from Heiji!

Korean star DJ SODA attended her first photobook launch event for "Candid" (published by Shueisha) in Tokyo on Sunday, appearing in a daringly bold outfit, charmed everyone with a cute greeting in Japanese, saying "I love you!"

Celebrating 20 years of the hugely popular TV show "Run For Money," the stakes have never been higher with a total prize pool exceeding 100 million yen and 1,000 participants ready to race.

The popular music duo Yuzu has announced the digital release of their new song "Chururi" on May 15, with plans to release a new album this summer.

In a world where dreams can turn deadly, the panic thriller movie "THIS MAN" brings to life an urban legend about a man with connected eyebrows whose appearance in one's dreams precedes bizarre deaths.

"Mushoku Tensei: Jobless Reincarnation" chronicles the adventures of a man who, having led a life marked by unemployment and desolation, meets his end only to be reborn in a fantastical realm with his memories intact.