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The Ministry of Economy, Trade, and Industry (METI) has announced a decision to provide up to 590 billion yen in additional support for "Rapidus," a project aimed at domestic mass production of next-generation semiconductors.

Automobile manufacturer Daihatsu has fallen to second place in the Japanese kei car market after 18 years at the top.

As companies across Japan held entrance ceremonies for new employees on Monday, 110 recruits of Universal Studios Japan were given a grand welcome by characters from the park.

Japanese companies celebrated April 1st with some surprising offerings, such as the 'McInside Bento,' a playful take on the traditional makunouchi bento.

Companies across Japan held their entrance ceremonies on April 1st, welcoming new employees who have weathered the coronavirus pandemic into their first steps in professional life.

The Bank of Japan's March "Tankan" survey, which gauges the business sentiment of approximately 9,000 domestic companies, revealed that sentiment among "large manufacturers" has worsened for the first time in four quarters.

As generative AI continues its rapid evolution, figuring out how to harness its potential in daily work has become a critical question. A small company with just six employees has embarked on an ambitious challenge to answer this question.

JR Central has indicated it will abandon its original goal to inaugurate the Linear Chuo Shinkansen, which aims to connect Tokyo's Shinagawa with Nagoya in as little as 40 minutes, by 2027.