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The Corporate Goods Price Index, which reflects the prices of goods traded between companies, reached an all-time high in both March and the fiscal year of 2023.

On April 9, the broadcast of BS-TBS's "Hodo 1930" delved into the electric vehicle (EV) sector's shifting landscape, sparked by Tesla's reported sales dip and strategic pivot away from the low-cost EV market.

Domestic production facilities for ethylene, a basic raw material for various chemical products including plastics, are set to be shut down for the first time in approximately ten years.

Japan witnessed over 9,000 corporate bankruptcies nationwide in fiscal 2023 for the first time in nine years.

As the hay fever season continues, one company has embarked on a bold initiative for its employees: work in Okinawa.

Despite a 1.8% increase in the total amount of cash earnings received by workers in February compared to last year, real wages, adjusted for inflation, decreased by 1.3%, marking the 23rd consecutive month of decline,

An analysis conducted by a national association of trucking companies has revealed that 57% of its member businesses are operating at a loss.

During his visit to Kumamoto Prefecture on the 6th, Prime Minister Fumio Kishida toured the factory of Taiwan's leading semiconductor manufacturer, TSMC. During this visit, TSMC revealed plans to construct a second factory in Kikuyo Town.