Nissan to go all electric in UK

News On Japan -- Nov 25

Nissan Motor Corporation has announced plans to transition all its vehicles produced in the United Kingdom to electric vehicles (EVs).

Nissan will start producing two new EV models at its Sunderland factory in the northeast of England, and convert all cars manufactured in the UK to EVs.

The company plans to invest up to &pond;2 billion (¥375 billion) in infrastructure improvements and battery production facilities at the factory, advancing its strategy for "decarbonization" through the expansion of its EV business.

UK Prime Minister Sunak welcomed the move during his visit to the factory, claiming, "Nissan's investment shows great confidence in the UK's auto industry and has already brought substantial economic benefits."

Nissan has set a goal to make all new cars sold in Europe electric by 2030.

As part of the "Creating the Future from Here" project, TV Asahi is presenting SDGs initiatives on climate change. The theme for Monday's show is "Both Enjoyable Work and Economic Growth," covering an apple orchard that is challenging the future of agriculture with its innovative cultivation method.

Daihatsu Motor Co. has resumed production of ten vehicle models, including its mainstay mini vehicles, at its factory in Oita Prefecture, which had been halted due to an issue with improper certification acquisition. However, the scale of the production resumption, including models for which a plan has been established, remains limited to 40% of Daihatsu's total domestic production, raising concerns about the prolonged impact on suppliers and related businesses.

Taiwanese semiconductor manufacturing giant TSMC's first factory in Japan is set to open today, February 24, in Kumamoto Prefecture.

As the Nikkei reaches historic highs, investors are reminiscent of the last time the market reached such dizzy heights in 1989, the end of an era as Heisei began, marked by the emergence of the Recruit scandal, considered the largest corruption scandal in the post-war era, leading to the formation of a new government led by Prime Minister Takeshita.