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White Day is just around the corner, and many might be struggling with what to give in return.

While the Kanto region is approaching the full swing of spring, as seen with the blooming rapeseed flowers at Mother Farm in Chiba Prefecture, some areas have already begun harvesting a taste of summer.

At a station in Yokohama City, unsold bread from the night is being sold using coin lockers, becoming a daily sell-out sensation.

Japan's Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare compiled a draft of the "Japanese Dietary Reference Intakes," which sets standards for the amount of energy and nutrients that should be consumed in a diet to maintain health, during a review meeting held on Wednesday.

Have you ever wondered whether there's a right way to store eggs, considering one end is pointed and the other is rounded? We asked JA Zen-Noh Eggs, experts in egg safety management, for their advice.

Meiji's beloved candy, "Chelsea," will close its 53-year history in March followiing the announcement that the production of the long-selling "Chelsea" series will end at the end of February, with sales concluding at the end of March.

Family restaurant chain Coco's will once again welcoming the arrival of spring with four new items, including the "Berry Good! Spring Strawberry Parfait," which showcases the sweet and tangy flavor of strawberries complemented by milky desserts such as white chocolate pudding.

Seven-Eleven has unveiled a new store concept in Japan, signaling a potential shift in the retail landscape where convenience stores could meet all our shopping needs.