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The latest gourmet offerings set to hit supermarkets and convenience stores have been showcased at the 58th "Supermarket Trade Show."

Tokyo's winter temperatures have soared to record highs this year, with the mercury reaching over 18°C, creating the perfect conditions for stawberries.

When ordering a drink at Starbucks Coffee, what kind of cup do you choose? Some people opt for the in-store mugs or glasses, while others bring their own tumblers from home. But what if you want to take your drink out and find carrying a tumbler inconvenient? Well, there's a new option available: "borrow a cup."

Starbucks Coffee Japan has announced the release of two new beverages, "Hanami Dango Frappuccino" and "Hanami Sakura Cream," available at Starbucks locations nationwide (with some exceptions) starting from Thursday, February 15, encapsulating the Japanese cherry blossom viewing experience.

Nissan Motor Co. has commenced the limited sale of "Michi-Bento," a lunchbox specifically designed for long drives. The project is supervised by the popular culinary expert, Mr. Kouken Tetsu. We had the opportunity to sample the "Michi-Bento (Western Japan Edition)" provided by Nissan and here is our review.

Convenience store chain Lawson is currently running a campaign called the "Lawson Extra Serving Challenge," where selected products are being sold with approximately 47% more content at the same price. The second phase of the campaign begins today, February 12, and tomorrow, February 13, with the introduction of more generously portioned products.

Competitive eaters from across the nation gathered in Hanamaki, Iwate Prefecture, for the much-anticipated annual Wanko Soba National Championship. As the drums rolled, "food warriors" rhythmically slurped down as many bowls of soba noodles as they could.

From the frigid city of Kitami in Hokkaido comes a report on the "Severe Cold Yakiniku Festival," marking the celebration of "Meat Day" on February 9th.