Japanese researchers fully sequence matsutake mushroom genome

NHK -- May 24

Japanese researchers say they have fully sequenced the genome of the endangered matsutake mushroom.

A group led by Shirasawa Kenta of Kazusa DNA Research Institute in Chiba Prefecture, near Tokyo, reported the achievement to an international science magazine on DNA research.

The researchers say they used a new technology to analyze a long sequence to learn the matsutake's genetic information.

They say they've found that the mushroom has 13 chromosomes and about 160 million base pairs, as well as about 22,000 genes, which determine its shape, taste and scent. ...continue reading

May 24 (ANNnewsCH) - 高級食材・マツタケの遺伝情報を日本の研究グループが完全解読しました。これまで難しいとされてきた人工栽培への道がひらかれると期待されています。  ...continue reading