Food | Jan 24

Seasoned Foodies Cluster Inside Hiroshima Oyster Huts

HIROSHIMA, Jan 24 (News On Japan) - As winter's delicacies beckon, many are flocking to Hiroshima City's oyster huts. At Kusatsu Port in Hiroshima, five oyster businesses collaborate annually from winter to spring to offer freshly harvested oysters at affordable prices in their jointly operated huts.

According to the Kusatsu Oyster Association, last summer's severe heat caused a rise in sea temperatures, which delayed the oysters' growth, pushing back this season's opening by about two weeks compared to the previous year. However, since last month, the cooler water temperatures have firmed up the oysters, allowing patrons to enjoy the large-sized oysters.

On busy days, the huts see over 300 visitors. On this particular day, a crowd enjoyed the freshly grilled, plump oysters, seasoning them with soy sauce or ponzu. A woman in her fifties from Hiroshima City commented, "They have a wonderful aroma, are very juicy, and the flavor is rich and delicious." Another woman in her sixties mentioned, "Being able to grill them right in front of you and eat them fresh enhances their deliciousness."

The oyster huts operate in line with the oyster harvesting season and will be open for enjoyment until the end of April this season.

Source: NHK


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