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As winter's delicacies beckon, many are flocking to Hiroshima City's oyster huts. At Kusatsu Port in Hiroshima, five oyster businesses collaborate annually from winter to spring to offer freshly harvested oysters at affordable prices in their jointly operated huts.

Pizza Hut released the "Tenkaippin Collaboration Kotteri-Style Ramen Pizza" this past Monday (priced at 1,980 yen) for a limited time in collaboration with Tenkaippin, a famous ramen chain in Japan.

In this exciting video, join Shizuka as she explores the delightful world of strawberries in Tokyo! (Japan by Food)

Today we’re visiting the largest wasabi farm in the world: the Daio Wasabi Farm located in Azumino just half an hour north of Matsumoto. (Samuel and Audrey)

In Japan, there is a New Year's food called Osechi, which people eat for three days straight. The contents vary from family to family, but each dish is filled with wishes. It is one of the customs that we want to pass down to our children. (Kimono Mom)

Japanese Shichimi togarashi is a colorful mix of spices but do you know what is in it? These are the 7 secret spices that go into this popular spice in Japan. (Japanese Food Craftsman)

In anticipation of Setsubun, the day before the beginning of spring in the old calendar in Japan, children in Kobe took on the challenge of making a 9-meter long 'Jumbo Ehomaki' sushi roll.

A well-known miso ramen restaurant in Hokkaido went up in flames on Friday morning, completely destroying the entire building, with the owner rushed to hospital suffering severe burns.