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February is upon us, bringing with it a wave of price increases for over 1,000 food items for the first time in four months, with tomato ketchup and other processed tomato products at the forefront.

Japanese brand strawberries, in their striking shades of red, pink, and white, are now captivating attention across the seas in London.

As winter bites, the Japanese tradition of oden, a hearty pot of simmered goodies, takes on national comfort food status. A household in Japan indulges in oden on average three times a month during the chilly season. So what are the most loved ingredients in this winter favorite pot?

In a forward-thinking culinary venture, a popular Tokyo ramen shop has unveiled a limited-time offering that might be a precursor to space-produced food. The unique dish? Ramen made with algae currently being researched for cultivation in space.

"Children's Cooking Picture Book: Ghibli's Table - Kiki's Delivery Service", set for release on March 14th, features recipes from the film, including herring and pumpkin pie baked by the lady with the blue-roofed house and the milk porridge made by Osono for Kiki.

In the wake of the pandemic, the number of kitchen cars has surged, with unique cuisine and quality becoming crucial for survival. A 25-year-old man ventured into this market with Edo-style sushi, using wasabi from his family's farm. However, on the opening day, unexpected troubles arose.

Whether fried as tempura, stewed, or tossed in a salad, the crunchy texture of 'renkon' (lotus root) makes it delicious in various dishes. This versatile ingredient is currently a great bargain.

The price of Ehomaki sushi rolls, traditionally eaten during the Setsubun festival in February, has risen by approximately 4% compared to last year.