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Students from Kanagawa Prefecture's Kanto Gakuin Rokura High School, as part of their school project, have created a promotional video for Toyama Prefecture! The story, told through a cinematic lens, follows two high school students on a journey across Toyama, featuring the prefecture's breathtaking nature and recommended spots.

Ryohei Suzuki, famous as a voice actor for playing Buzz Lightyear in the Japanese dubbed version, visited the historic Hasedera Temple in Nara, which dates back to 736, highlighting the temple's spiritual significance and artistic beauty.

ANA revealed to the press its new domestic-spec Boeing 787-10 on March 25th, distinguished by its size, fuel efficiency, and superior transport capacity.

The first blossoming of Somei Yoshino cherry trees has been officially declared in Kyushu following the confirmation of five or six flowers on sample trees at the Miyazaki Local Meteorological Observatory.

Travelling with your partner can be an amazing way to bond, explore new places, and create lasting memories. However, being crammed together in unfamiliar territory can also lead to some unexpected bumps in the road!

A series of events commemorating the 30th anniversary of Himeji Castle's registration as a World Heritage Site reached its grand finale on March 23, with a ceremony held to mark the occasion.

The spring public opening of Inui Street within the Imperial Palace has commenced. Spanning approximately 750 meters, Inui Street is home to over a hundred cherry trees, including Somei Yoshino varieties, offering a picturesque landscape for the many visitors.

Facing the easing of COVID-19 restrictions, factory tours are witnessing a resurgence in popularity, drawing families eager to peek behind the scenes of their favorite products.