A towering, life-size Godzilla is set to make its appearance at the Tokyo Metropolitan Government Office ahead of the Golden Week holidays.

In this Tokyo Itinerary, we explore what the commercial heart of Tokyo, Nihonbashi, and Japan's first modern department store, Mitsukoshi, have to offer. (

Cherry blossoms have bloomed in Sapporo and Hakodate with the second earliest onset recorded, as the sakura front rapidly advances north.

Bullet train riders in central Japan can look forward to a new level of luxury when Central Japan Railway brings back private compartments in April 2026. (NHK)

For the first time in a single month, the number of foreign visitors to Japan exceeded 3 million, with March recording a historic high of over 3.08 million visitors.

Japanese manhole covers are capturing the attention of foreign tourists, featuring designs from local symbols to popular anime and video game characters, such as "Sailor Moon" and "Street Fighter."

The Tateyama Kurobe Alpine Route, a scenic tourist path that cuts through the Northern Alps of Japan, fully opened for the season on Monday, with the walls reaching a height of 14 meters.