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This weekend, Tokyo boasts a hidden cherry blossom spot you'll definitely want to visit: Ukima Park, near the Arakawa River, with around 150 Somei Yoshino trees lining the embankment, and a windmill to boot.

Tokyo's cherry blossoms have officially reached their peak bloom, 13 days later than last year.

In the bustling Gion district of Kyoto, a private road called "Kosode Koji" known for its historical ambiance is set to be off-limits to tourists.

A Japan Airlines plane en route from Miyazaki to Haneda was struck by lightning twice, forcing the flight to change course to Kansai Airport following the detection of an unusual odour in the cabin.

Japan's first passenger ship powered by hydrogen and biofuel is set to ply the waters off Kitakyushu starting April 10th.

A Japan Airlines flight en route from Melbourne to Narita Airport encountered sudden severe turbulence on April 1, causing injuries to several cabin crew, including a broken leg.

Kobe's Oji Zoo has announced the death of 'Tan Tan', a female giant panda that had been a favorite among visitors for over 20 years.

On the last day of March, various locations across Japan recorded summer-like temperatures, impact cherry blossoms, which have bloomed later than usual.