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Crab market opens in Fukui

Echizen, Nov 14 (NHK) - Seafood lovers have been flocking to a market in Fukui Prefecture in central Japan that specializes in fresh snow crab.

The annual market in Echizen Town started on Saturday.

Many shoppers come in search of bargains. A local fisheries cooperative says the crabs can be had for prices as much as 40 percent lower than those at supermarkets.

A local government research station predicts that this season's catch of the winter delicacy will be bigger than the last one.

Crab soup is also sold there.

A woman who visited with her family said they were looking forward to buying fresh crab. She said with smile that they were planning a "crab party."

The market is open on weekends this month from 9 a.m. to 2 p.m.

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